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Assisting youth and families to seek the treatment and programs they need to lead productive, crime-free lives.


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  Information for Law Enforcement
How does the JAC benefit law enforcement?
One of the goals of the JAC is to save time for law enforcement.  Prior to the JAC's opening, law enforcement officers were responsible for supervising an arrested, non-detained youth until they could transfer them to the custody of their parents.   That sometimes took hours.  The average time that a law enforcement officer now spends dropping off an arrested youth at the JAC and getting back on the road is six minutes.

Why should law enforcement officers call ahead to 344-5161 or 344-5171 when bringing an arrested youth to the JAC?

For the process to work efficiently the officer must call ahead.  This allows the Department of Juvenile Justice screening staff to check for past records, to begin the paperwork, and to alert the officer of any other issues.  If DJJ staff determine that the youth is on probation, they can alert the officer that Violation of Probation paperwork will also need to be completed.  Officers are asked to leave a message if there is no answer as DJJ staff may be in court, in juvenile booking, or releasing a youth to their parents.  DJJ staff frequently check for messages.  Follow the directions on the voice recording and leave a return phone number.  Officers who don't call ahead typically spend ten to twenty minutes dropping off an arrested youth at the JAC.
How can the JAC assist law enforcement with its pre-delinquent services?

Law enforcement officers no longer have to say to families who request assistance that, "We can't do anything until your child breaks the law."  When encountering families and youth with problems, law enforcement can refer families to the JAC.  Law enforcement should direct families to contact the JAC Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 258-3450.   JAC staff will assist families in accessing the services they need.

Frequently Asked Questions on Using Civil Citation


 The Juvenile Assessment Center of Lee County is operated by the Lee County Sheriff's Office
in partnership with the Lee County Board of County Commissioners
and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.