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Court Diversion
A court diversion program may be recommended for a youth who is charged with a first-time, nonviolent misdemeanor.  The Department of Juvenile Justice makes a recommendation to the Office of the State Attorney to consider youth who may qualify for a court diversion option.  The State Attorney's Office decides whether to accept the recommendation for a diversion program. 
Each of Lee County's
post-arrest diversion programs works a little differently, but for all programs the youth must admit to the charge and agree to participate in the diversion program.  Youth who participate in diversion programs may be given assignments as part of their case plan, such as, performing community service hours, writing letters of apology, attending counseling or classes, and any number of other consequences related to the charge.  If a youth fails to complete his/her diversion case plan, the State Attorney will file a petition with the court formally charging the youth with the delinquent offense. Youth who successfully complete a diversion program will have "adjudication withheld."  This means that the charges will be dismissed and the youth will not have an adjudication on his/her  court record. 
Note:  The youth will still have an arrest record with the arresting agency and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  Florida statutes allow for some criminal records to be expunged for youth who have successfully completed a court diversion program.  The application for expungement must be submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement no later than six months after completing the diversion program.   Go to the FDLE website for more information on how to expunge a juvenile diversion record at

Juvenile Justice System
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Diversion Programs in Lee County
Intensive Delinquency Diversion Services (IDDS)
Provides intensive services to youth at high risk of becoming a serious or chronic offender.  Targets youth under age 16.  Provided through Bay Area Youth Services.
Juvenile Arbitration (JA)
Volunteer arbitrators hear cases and assign sanctions.  Teen court cases are heard by a jury of youth peers.  Targets first time offenders for non-violent misdemeanor crimes.  Provided through Court Administration of the 20th Judicial Circuit.
Neighborhood Accountability Boards
Trained volunteer board members hear cases and develop a case plan for the youth to repair the harm caused by the crime.  Provided by Lee County Department of Human Services.
Substance Abuse Diversion
Provides assessment, individual, group and family intervention for substance abuse related charges.  Provided by Southwest Florida Addiction Services (SWFAS).
Teen Court
Teen court cases are heard by a jury of youth peers.  Targets first time offenders for non-violent misdemeanor crimes.  Provided by Court Administration of the 20th Judicial Circuit.

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 The Juvenile Assessment Center of Lee County is operated by the Lee County Sheriff's Office
in partnership with the Lee County Board of County Commissioners
and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.