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Accountability Boards Hanging Out Risky Behavior
Autism Homelessness Safe Place
Apology Letters Human Trafficking Scholarships
Bullying Hunger/Food Insecurity Serious Offenders
Car Hopping Juvenile Assessment Center Services
Change Jail "Sexting"
Civil Citation Juvenile Court Sexual Abuse
Cooperative Education Juvenile Criminal Records Sexual Behavior of Teens (Laws)
Dating Violence Juvenile Justice Shoplifting
Delinquency Trends Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Act  Substance Abuse
Detention Juvenile Justice Circuit Board Teen Driver Safety
Diversion Juvenile Justice County Council Teenage Brain
Domestic Violence Legislation Trauma
Drug House Odyssey Life Skills Truancy
Education Mentoring Underage Drinking
Emancipation Parenting Video Gaming
Fire Season Poverty Violence
Flash Mobs Prevention Volunteering
Gangs Probation Youth Survey
Girls Issues Reentry Zero Tolerance Policies
Graffiti Resource Guide  

Accountability Boards      
Accountability Boards Focus on Repairing Harm (6-06)      
Repairing the Harm (9-09)      
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Apology Letters      
Saying "Sorry" (9-09)      
Responding to Autism (9-09)      
Anti-Bullying Legislation Passes (5-08)      
Bullying Tied to Other Problem Behaviors (1-11)      
Car Hopping      
No Thrill in Locked Cars (5-09)      
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Preparing for Change (1-09)      
Civil Citation      
Civil Citation/Equal Justice Grant Award (1-07)      
Civil Citation Expanded (1-08)      
New for Law Enforcement: Civil Citation FAQ Online (5-08)      
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Cooperative Education    
Juvenile Justice Cooperative Education Program Piloted (2-08)    
Dating Violence      
Coach's Tool for Preventing Dating Violence (2-12)      
Talk to Teens About Dating Violence (4-09)      
Talk to Teens About Healthy Relationships (2-12)      
Teen Dating Violence:  What Should Parents Look For (2-12)      
Victim Protection Law (4-09)      
Delinquency Trends      
Burglary Top Felony Charge (10-06)      
JAC Arrest Numbers Up Slightly in 2008 (2-09)      
Juvenile Arrest Trends (8-07)      
Local Juvenile Burglary Bucks State Trend (10-09)      
No Change in Arrest Numbers at JAC for 2007 (2-08)      
Pre-Screen Zip Code Report Now Available (12-08)      
Progress Made in Reducing Delinquency Commitments (1-08)      
Readers Make a Point: Delinquency Numbers Increasing (5-06)      
Trends in Juvenile Arrests (2-10)      
"What's the Matter With Kids Today?" (4-06)      
5 Year Monthly Averages for Total Youth Arrests at the Lee JAC (3-09)      
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Detention Improvement Initiative to Begin (10-06)      
Youth in the Adult Criminal System (11-08)      
Accountability Boards Focus on Repairing Harm (6-06)      
"Non-Judicial Action" Is Not "Doing Nothing"  (5-12)      
"Non-Judicial Action" May Not Be the Same as Doing Nothing (5-06)      
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Domestic Violence      
Happy Holidays - Or Not (12-06)      
Drug House Odyssey      
Drug House Odyssey Returns (3-06)      
LCSO Youth Services Participates in Drug House Odyssey 2006 (4-06)      
Drug House Odyssey 2007 (2-07)      
Drug House Odyssey 2008 (3-08)      
Back to School - A Good Time to Discuss School Rules (8-06)      
Back to School - Time to Review School Code of Conduct (8-07)      
Florida High School - High Tech Promotes Student Success (2-08)      
Talk to Kids About School Pranks (5-07)      
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Emancipation of Minors (12-07)      
Parents: Don't Fall for "Emancipation" Threat (3-12)      
Fire Season      
It's Fire Season.... (4-12)      
Start of Fire Season Rekindles Need for Caution (3-09)      
Flash Mobs      
Flash Mobs:  Good or Bad?  (9-11)      
Gangs R Us? (12-08)      
Parents' Guide to Gangs (12-08)      
When it's More Than a Doodle (12-10)      
Youth Gangs (3-07)      
Girls Issues      
Girls' Numbers Climb (3-06)      
TRUE Assists Girls With Trauma Issues (9-06)      
What is TRUE for Girls? (7-08)      
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What's the Harm in Graffiti? (1-07)      
Hanging Out      
Hanging Out Preferred Teen Activity (1-09)      
Youth Homelessness (11-07)      
Human Trafficking      
Human Trafficking Laws Set to Change (4-12)      
Housing a Challenge for Minor Trafficking Victims (4-12)      
Hunger/Food Insecurity      
Hunger Impacts Youth (4-09)      
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Juvenile Assessment Center      
Captain Dan Johnson Joins JAC Team (5-06)      
Captain Johnson to Retire (7-08)      
Drug Kit Program Ended (2-09)      
Former Intern Receives AP Award for JAC Story (3-08)      
JAC Information Is Now a Click Away (3-07)      
JAC Looks at Trends (5-06)      
JAC Targets Early Truancy Through TIP (4-06)      
JAC to Distribute Drug Test Kits at Drug House Odyssey (3-08)      
Medical Clearance Required at the JAC (2-09)      
Parent Pickup Rerouted at JAC (10-07)      
State Funding of JAC's (5-08)      
When Minutes Count (5-06)      
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Appreciating the Small Stuff - From Jail (11-08)      
Juvenile Court      
Delinquency Court Guide (2-08)      
Judge Fuller to Preside Over Juvenile Court (2-07)      
Judge Kyle to Preside Over Juvenile Court (9-08)      
Judge Steinbeck Assumes Juvenile Judgeship (7-06)      
Judge Thompson Assumes Juvenile Court Judgeship (5-12)      
Judge Winesett Leaves Juvenile Court (7-06)      
Juvenile Criminal Records      
FAQ: Juvenile Records (12-08)      
Juvenile Criminal Records: Do They Go Away (1-08)      
Sealing & Expunging Juvenile Criminal Records (3-12)      
Some Juvenile Records Are Public (9-08)      
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Juvenile Justice      
Blueprint Commission Hearing in Lee County (10-07)      
Blueprint Reforms Die at End of Session (5-08)      
Florida's Juvenile Justice Boards and Councils (8-06)      
Investing in Children (5-07)      
Juvenile Justice Funding Cuts Likely (1-09)      
Juvenile Justice Programs Survive Cuts (6-06)      
Juvenile vs. Adult Criminal Justice System (12-10)      
Possible Juvenile Justice Cuts Could Have Local Impact (11-08)      
Price Halfway House Under New Leadership (7-08)      
Price to Close (2-09)      
Probation Officer Honored (7-07)      
Progress Continued in Reducing Delinquency Commitments (1-09)      
State Funding of JAC's (5-08)      
Vurro Appointed Circuit 20 DJJ Coordinator (6-07)      
State Budget Request Outcomes (6-07)      
Statewide Cuts in JAC's Proposed (3-08)      
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA)      
Answers to FAQ's Rooted in Federal Statute (5-09)      
Juvenile Justice Circuit Board      
Circuit Juvenile Justice Board Elects Chair (7-08)      
New Leadership for Circuit 20 Juvenile Justice Board (8-06)      
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Juvenile Justice County Council      
Celebrating Community Partnerships (8-06)      
Celebrating Community Partnerships (9-07)      
Celebrating Community Partnerships (9-06)      
JJ Council Food Drive (4-09)      
Just Ask! (7-08)      
Kevin Lewis Elected Chair of Lee Juvenile Justice Council (8-06)      
Kids and Guns Community Forum (4-07)      
Naylor Elected Chair of Juvenile Justice Council (7-08)      
Youth Success Week April 19th - 25th (4-09)      
Amendment 4 Targets Youth Tobacco Use (11-06)      
Blueprint Reforms Die at End of Session (5-08)      
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Life Skills      
Preparing Youth for Adulthood - Teaching Life Skills (3-08)      
Adults Who Connect With Youth Can Have Profound Impact (5-07)      
Resource for Parenting Teens (4-06)      
3:00 p.m. - Do You Know Where Your Child Is? (8-08)      
Back to School - A Good Time to Discuss School Rules (8-06)      
Back to School - Time to Review School Code of Conduct (8-07)      
Drug Test Kits Available at the JAC (9-07)      
Not My Child! (10-08)      
One Wish (12-07)      
Parents to Blame for Juvenile Crime? (10-08)      
Question "Too Good to be True" Pricing (2-10)      
Talk to Kids About Fire Threat (4-07)      
Talk to Kids About Interacting With Law Enforcement (9-08)      
Talk to Kids About School Pranks (5-07)      
Talk to Kids About Shoplifting  (12-06)      
Talk to Kids: Cooperate With Law Enforcement (9-09)      
Talk to Youth About the Consequences of Joy Riding (6-07)      
Trick for Treating Teens (10-07)      
Tune in to Teen Culture (9-07)      
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Recession's Impact on Local Poverty (1-12)      
In Search of "Pump Handles" (7-07)      
What is Juvenile Probation? (10-09)      
Reentry Board Assists Youth "Coming Home" (7-06)      
Resource Guide      
211:  "The Source" for Finding Community Services (6-06)      
Community Resource Guide Updated (6-08)      
Get Connected (3-06)      
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Risky Behavior      
Risky Behaviors Pose Long Term Health Risks (3-08)      
Spring Break Is Risky Time For Youth (4-07)      
Safe Place      
Safe Place (5-09)      
Online Presence Can Affect Scholarship Chances (4-12)      
Scholarship Funds Available (3-09)      
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Serious Offenders      
SHOCAP Targets Serious Habitual Offenders (7-06)      
Career & Service Center Has Services for Youth (10-06)      
Gang Prevention Offered (3-08)      
Knowing How to Ask for Help a Skill for Avoiding Crime (6-08)      
Locating Servcies in Downtown Fort Myers (12-07)      
New Program Offered: "Hurts and Habits" (10-06)      
TechBridge Assists Youth (10-06)      
Youth Services Impacted by Funding Cuts (6-08)      
YouthBuild Coming to Lee County (11-07)      
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Teen "Sexting":  Flirting or Child Porn? (4-09)      
Sexual Abuse      
Some Secrets Should Be Told (12-11)      
Sexual Behavior of Teens      
Laws on Sexual Behavior Vary with Age of Teens and Young Adults (5-09)      
Justin's Story (12-10)      
Shoplifting Prevention Benefits All (3-09)      
Substance Abuse Back to top    
Alcohol Most Prevalent Drug Among Lee High School Students (3-07)      
Juvenile Crime and Substance Abuse (6-06)      
Lee Makes Progress in Teen Alcohol Use - Risks Remain (12-08)      
Medicine Abuse Awareness Month (8-07)      
Middle School Prime Time for Parent Talk (10-09)      
Signs of Spring: Youth and Alcohol (4-08)      
Smoking Can Be Early Warning Sign (11-06)      
Solitary Substance Users At Higher Risk for Problems (1-07)      
"Spice" May Not Be So Nice (12-10)      
Teen Driver Safety      
"Keep Me Safe" Gives Parents a Hand in Watching Teen Drivers (5-08)      
Promote Youth Driver Safety (5-07)      
Teenage Brain      
Teenage Brain Slow to Mature (5-07)      
Talk to Kids: Cooperate With Law Enforcement (9-09)      
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Southwest Florida Trauma Recovery Network (9-06)      
Trauma and Delinquency Connection, The (9-06)      
TRUE Assists Girls With Trauma Issues (9-06)      
JAC Targets Early Truancy Through TIP (4-06)      
Know the Law: Truancy (12-07)      
School Absences Can Add Up to Retention or Loss of Credit (12-06)      
Underage Drinking      
When It Comes to Underage Drinking...Be The Wall (6-09)      
Video Gaming      
Video Game Addiction? (2-10)      
Violence Back to top    
Group Aims to Reduce Youth Gun Violence (2-08)      
Violent Outcomes for Some Youth in System (10-08)      
Bridge Street Team Spruces Up Fort Myers (11-07)      
Volunteering Builds Work Experience (6-08)      
Youth Survey      
Times HAVE Changed (9-08)      
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Zero Tolerance Policies      
Law to Add More Tolerance to School Policies (6-09)